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Casey Rine
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Our Life Groups

Connections that matter

We Are Family    

We all long for a sense of community.  We are designed to be in relationship with each other.   At PV, our small group ministry wants to help you create relationships that matter.  We want everyone to be connected.  We are a family joined together in the body of Christ.  Jesus is the head and the rest of us work together to glorify our God.  

In a busy and hectic world it is easy to be distracted.  We can get wrapped up in our own interests instead of the interest of others.  Here at PV, we want everyone in our congregation to have 4 to 5 healthy spiritual relationships, that develop trust and mature our faith. 

The first Christians worked to see what they could bring to the table to help.  They brought their talents, time, money, and resources all together to help the common cause of sharing Christ.  We are all part of the “brotherhood of believers.”

In a large congregation like PV it’s easy to forget that we are part of a bigger picture. We would love for you to be part of our small group ministry.

Join us as we model community as we develop relationships with each other.


All of us are called to serve.  Being part of the family of God means taking care of those around us and helping our community.  Each one of our small groups participate in a service project together every other month.  These are great opportunities for groups to be the hands and feet of Christ to the Little Rock area.  


God designed life to function in rhythm.  There is a time for work together, and a time for rest.  Our small group ministry is designed in rhythm as well.  During our times together, we will serve, build community, and draw deeper into His word.  When we are not meeting in our small groups, there will be a praise and worship service at the building. The Sunday evening service, Supper at Night, centers around the Lord’s Supper.  On Wednesday evenings, Happy Hour is designed for “Recharging our Spiritual Batteries” by coming together in the middle of the week.  

2015/16 Schedule

Service:  September 13 -   Packing Party Kickoff

1st Semester:  September 20 - December 13 (No Small Groups November 25-29)

Rest:  December 20 - January 31

2nd Semester:  February 7 - May 22 (No small groups March 20-27)

Rest:  June 1 - August 31