Our PV classes offer two distinct tracks:  Life Stage options designed to offer community with your contemporaries, as well as Learning Communities that are multi-generational classes focused on specific topics or textual study.

For directions to any classes you see here, feel free to check with our Welcome Desk in the lobby outside the auditorium.

Winter / Spring 2018


Life-Stage Classes:

Young Adults
Teachers:  Nathan Guy / Scott Karnes (Singles Room)

Young Married (Young couples just starting out)
Teachers: Greg Minton, Nathan Swain, Wes Walls, Randy Wood (Multi-Purpose Room)

Young Families (families with school-age children)
Teachers:  Ritchie Brown, Mark Hodges, Michael Keck (E1)

Home Builders (families with teens)
Teachers: Steve Burton, Jamie Fugitt (Room 222)

Among Friends (Adults in their 40’s & 50’s)
Teacher:  Jimmy Cone (E3)


Learning Community Classes:

A Journey Through the Bible
Teachers:  Robert McClanahan, Jim Rawlins (Auditorium)
Join us this year as we journey through the entire Bible using F. LaGard Smith’s chronological arrangement, the Daily Bible. Each week, we will draw lessons from the daily readings from the previous week. The lessons will be either historical, topical or a summary.

Hearing Jesus Again…For the First Time
Teachers:  Drew Custer, Alan Gable (E4)
Well-known stories can grow dull through familiarity. Jesus’ teachings on race, gender, and status in the gospel of Luke were anything but tame orthodoxy. His radical ministry and choices in friends ultimately cost him his life. We follow this Jesus. We need to hear his story again…for the first time.

Women in the Word
Linda Smith (E2)
A journey through HIS-story with sisters! We will learn the Bible story chronologically, re-enact cultural practices, hear biblical women tell their story, appreciate the significance of names, see Jesus in the Old Testament, and hear how Bible passages and stories help our sisters today.

Nick Hamilton (Lecture Center)
In our life as Christians, we can struggle to overcome many things. Our success in life and in our faith can be determined by how well we overcome the obstacles placed in our path. Join us as we cover topics such as worry, anxiety, temptation and others.