Our PV Learning Communities offer seven tracks and cycle on a trimester basis. See more than one class that interests you? Most offerings will be repeated in 2017, so you will eventually have the opportunity to participate in classes scheduled concurrently.

While this is a departure from classes that have historically been based on ages and life stages, this new structure allows for more of our members to create inter-generational connections that can grow into special relationships.

For directions to any classes you see here, feel free to check with our Welcome Desk in the lobby outside the auditorium.

Summer 2017


I &II Timothy & Titus
Teachers:  Nick Hamilton / Alan Gable (E1)

Women of the Bible
Teacher / Facilitator:  Linda Smith (E2)

Practical Lessons from Life
Teachers:  David Tamas, Dean Wright, Joel Anderson, David Preston (E3)

Christian Living in Today’s World
Teacher: Randy Hughes (E4)

Teachers:  Ricky Bittle & Toby Butler (Lecture Center)

Church Doctrine
Teachers:  David Chesser & Bob Walters (Auditorium)

Things I Wish Jesus Never Said
Drew Custer / Eric Buckner (Singles Room)

Twenty some things
Bill Oliver (Multi-Purpose Room)