Our PV classes offer two distinct tracks:  Life Stage options designed to offer community with your contemporaries, as well as Learning Communities that are multi-generational classes focused on specific topics or textual study.

For directions to any classes you see here, feel free to check with our Welcome Desk in the lobby outside the auditorium.

Fall / Winter 2017


Life-Stage Classes:

Young Adults
Teachers:  Scott Karnes / Mark Rickett (Singles Room)

Young Married (Young couples just starting out)
Teachers: Greg Minton, Nathan Swain, Wes Walls, Randy Wood (Multi-Purpose Room)

Young Families (families with school-age children)
Teachers:  Ritchie Brown, Mark Hodges, Michael Keck (E1)

Home Builders (families with teens)
Teachers: Steve Burton, Jamie Fugitt (Room 222)

The Sandwich Generation (Adults sandwiched between grown children and aging parents)
Teachers: David Chesser, Dean Wright (Lecture Center)


Learning Community Classes:

Gospel of John
Teachers:  Robert McClanahan, Jim Rawlins (Auditorium)

The Exodus
Teachers:  Nick Hamilton (E3)

Christian Women
Linda Smith (E2)

Family Discipleship
Ron Throneberry, Jordan Collier (Room 219)

Christianity in a Post Christian World
Gil Foster, Bill Oliver (E4)