If your question is not covered here, please feel free to email the team at searchcommittee@pvcc.org.

  1. How long before we have a pulpit minister? 
    We do not know. However, we expect to be able to provide greater clarity about our expectations for timing as we move forward, and will provide those updates as soon as we can. Until then, we pray for and request your patience as we – with your help – seek God’s will in selecting the right candidate.
  2. What is our plan for preaching until then?
    Dr. Ross Cochran from Harding University will be preaching three Sundays each month for October, November and December, followed by Dr. Nathan Guy, beginning in January. The remaining Sundays will be covered by PV elders and staff.
  3. Will I be able to participate?
    Yes! The committee welcomes and encourages your input. You may contact any of the committee members in person or at searchcommittee@pvcc.org. Focus groups will also be conducted in all adult Bible classes as well as some open opportunities on select Sunday nights. We encourage you to read the additional information provided here about the search process.
  4. May I submit a candidate name?
    Yes! We are developing a candidate form that will be available here and in hard copy at the church. You may submit a candidate form to any of the committee members.
  5. Will we know the full list of candidates? Will we know the top candidates? 
    No. While we understand that many people would like to have this information, the best way to ensure a loving and gracious spirit throughout this process, as well as attract top candidates, is to keep this information confidential. We pray for and request your understanding.
  6. Has a lead candidate already been identified?
    No. The committee – with your help – is conducting the process with an open mind and heart for God’s will in this process. We encourage you to read the additional information provided here about the search steps.