All conservatism is based upon the idea that if you leave things alone you leave them as they are. But you do not. If you leave a thing alone you leave it to a torrent of change. ―G. K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

When we changed the Bible class structure that we had followed for decades, it was a little unsettling to all of us. Most folks are creatures of habits who prefer a familiar, settled routine. But sometimes change is necessary to grow and improve.

Since PV Learning Communities launched at the start of 2016, there has been a new, revitalized atmosphere in our classes. People have been able to choose the topics they want to study…new friends and new teachers are bringing fresh breezes through the classes…and real intergenerational relationships are being forged. Additionally, Bible class attendance has risen from 760 last year to 860 this year, a 9% increase.  Beginning June 5, here is the second slate of classes from which you can choose:

Hebrews—Jim Dockery & Toby Butler —E-4

We are deluged in today’s world by advertisers’ claims of the superiority of their product. Such claims are nearly always dubious. Such is not the case with Jesus, who is superior to all other religious doctrines & systems. Come join us for a study of the letter to the Hebrews as it makes the case for the absolute supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus Christ as revealer and mediator of God’s grace.

Galatians—Jim Norris & Alan Gable —E-1

Paul’s letter to the Galatians is a powerful apologetic for the essential New Testament truth that man is justified by faith in Christ, sanctified not by works but by the obedience that comes from faith in God’s work for him by the grace and power of Christ and the Holy Spirit. The rediscovery of the basic message brought about the Reformation. Its message continues to change lives today.

I & II Timothy and Titus—Scott Karnes/Jackson House —Multi-Purpose

The Pastoral Epistles give us a beautiful blueprint of how to center our church on and around the Gospel. As a church, we hold up gospel life to the world. We live a gospel, cross-shaped life together, so that the world can see Jesus. Come and explore this gospel-centered life with us in the Pastorals!

Old Testament – Wisdom Literature—David Tamas/Dean Wright—Lecture Center

Where the priests and prophets dealt more with the religious side of life, wise men or sages were concerned about practical and philosophical matters. The proverbs are short, compact statements that express truths about human behavior. Ecclesiastes wrestles with difficult theological questions such as the problem of evil. As our world desperately needs wisdom, these lessons are timelier than ever.

Spiritual Formation – Things I Wish Jesus Never Said—Stuart Cash/Randy Wood/Curtis Eubanks —Singles Room

We love reading the parables, teachings and sermons of Jesus.  Well . . . at least some of them.  But sometimes we find ourselves picking and choosing which ones we want to swallow. Some teachings we’re good with following, others not so much.  What do you wish Jesus had never said?  Truth is, we all have areas where we struggle to put the words of Jesus into action.  Join us as we open our hearts to follow everything Jesus has asked and experience the incredible blessings he has waiting for us.

Religious Questions – Christian Doctrines—Chuck Monan/David Chesser —Auditorium

Christ calls on his disciples to share their faith so others can know his saving grace. But most Christians are not confident enough of their own understanding of biblical truth to do this. This class will give you the ability to understand the basic doctrines of the gospel and know the answers to the doctrinal questions most often asked. Each student will receive a workbook that will be a valuable resource in teaching others.

Women – Women of the Bible-Then & Now—Linda Smith —E-2

There are more than 275 women mentioned in the Bible (some you may have never heard of before), and we have more than 600 women at PV including our missionaries’ wives. Stories from the past and present can shape us into better servants of God! This class will explore these women’s lives, history and backgrounds both then and now. Facilitated by Linda Smith, and taught by women of all ages, backgrounds, ideas.

Family Matters – Christian Living in Today’s World—Nick Hamilton —E-3

Christians are to live “in” the world but not be “of” the world. That poses some real challenges. What is the Christian’s role in politics, in business, in our community? How do we handle social media? What about in our recreation? This class will explore our role as Christ’s representatives in a world increasingly hostile to its views.

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