Today begins our third round of Learning Communities. Again, we are offering eight classes from which to choose. This new university model has seen an uptick in class attendance; forged new, multi-generational relationships; and has contributed to the biblical knowledge and spiritual growth of those participating. We hope you are excited to join one of the classes below as we prepare to close out 2016.
New Testament:
Prison Epistles: “Rejoice in the Lord always.” Paul wrote this sentence and all four of the Prison Epistles (Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon), while incarcerated for proclaiming the gospel.  Come learn his secret for finding contentment in the grace of God during dark times as seen through these inspiring letters to early Christians.  (Drew Custer and Joe Marlin)
The Gospel of John: What if John hadn’t written his Gospel? Most of the material in the book is unique to John and is not found in the other three Gospels. John gives us an up-close and personal account “so that you might believe.” Walk with us through the ministry of Jesus as told by the “disciple whom Jesus loved.” (Steve Burton and Jamie Fugitt)
I & II Thessalonians: An in-depth look at Paul’s writings to a church he helped establish. In these books Paul gives instruction for practical Christian living. (Nick Hamilton and Jim Rawlings)
Old Testament:
Prophets of Israel: A study of the prophets, especially the “minor” prophets. This study will be led by Dr. Kevin Youngblood. Dr. Youngblood is the professor of Old Testament at Harding University who has done special research in this field. He will be assisted by Clay Smith. (Dr. Kevin Youngblood and Clay Smith)
Spiritual Formation:
The Discipline of Prayer: To develop a healthy discipline of prayer, we need to pray often, pray biblically, pray corporately as well as privately, and pray meditatively. Join us as we explore all elements of prayer. (Michael Keck and Stan Chapman)
Religious Questions:
This Is The End! Have you heard the predictions about the end of the world? The Rapture…the Battle of Armageddon…the Thousand Year Reign…the Judgment…Heaven…Hell? What does the Bible say about the Last Things? Come and join us for a study of biblical eschatology and see for yourself. (Chuck Monan and Jackson House)
Women of the Word: Ever since Jesus spoke to the woman at the well, women have encountered Christ and shared him with the world. We will explore the writings of historical women, ancient Jewish customs and scripture in order to better understand our covenant relationship with Christ and learn practical applications to strengthen his kingdom. (Linda Smith)
Family Matters:
Parenting in Today’s World: The Bible calls us the “Children” of God.” In this class we will be studying the Word, and seeking to learn from God how to be in relationship with our families.  All for his glory! (David Beggs and Scott Karnes)

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