At Pleasant Valley, we want to connect with others, grow spiritually, serve inside and outside our church walls, and share the love of Jesus Christ. These interdependent actions – connect, grow, serve and share – form the core of our strategy to follow Christ’s mission. On November 6, you can reach out to be a part of that mission with our Special Community Outreach Contribution.

With this contribution we will partner with local nonprofits to help multiply our impact in the Little Rock community. We have identified four pillars to define our local partnerships: Boone Park Elementary, Foster Care, Prisoner Re-Entry and Care for the Homeless. Many of our members are already serving as the hands and feet of Jesus by reaching out to various community partners within these four pillars. The Special Community Outreach Contribution will bring much needed financial support to these works. Below you can see some of the ways these funds will be used. Please prayerfully consider how you can help.

Boone Park Elementary: Boone Park is a North Little Rock Elementary school with about 350 students, approximately 99% of whom live at or below the poverty level. At Boone Park we are engaged with mentoring, staff support, donating school supplies, and forming bonds with families.

Foster Care: PV members reach out to orphans by adopting or providing foster care and respite care. We also engage with programs like Pulaski County CASA, The Call, and Walk for the Waiting, Paragould Children’s Home and Southern Christian Children’s Home.

Prisoner Re-entry: Our contribution today will support efforts like Prison to Purpose and Quapaw, a residential facility for those building a life after incarceration.

Homelessness: We reach out to the homeless with groups like The One, Rock of Hope and Quality Living Center. Also our own PV grill team travels each month to serve those in need under the Broadway Bridge, at Southern Christian Home, and on college campuses. We want to build relationships over a meal.

Alongside these great areas of outreach, the Special Community Outreach Contribution will also be used to help with events such as the PV Block Party, Kiddie Carnival, hospital care packages, cookouts at elementary schools in our community.  Thank you for joining in our efforts to make a difference and spread the good news to those in our community.

In all that we do, may God get the glory!




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