We were blessed in 2016 with an historic gamechanger in our Sunday morning classes. PV Learning Communities enabled each adult to choose a la college electives what subject to study, in multi-generational settings, with dedicated, creative teachers. For 2017 many of these classes will repeat. This is an opportunity to study a new subject, so don’t repeat any classes you took in 2016. We are excited about the opportunity to grow spiritually as we go deeper in God’s Word. Make your plans to join us!


New Testament:

· Romans: Paul’s Letter to the Romans is a succinct look at his theology and presentation of the early Christian message. Romans explores and explains powerful themes as sin, salvation, election, and citizenship, all against the backdrop of the Gospel of Christ. This study will provide a good working knowledge of this important book. Led by Robert McClanahan and Laza Razafimanjato.

· James to Jude: G. K. Chesterton said, “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult, and left untried.” The Epistle of James shows what Christian living is all about. Christianity is not about answering questions nobody is asking anymore, but modeling the way of the Savior. This study of James/Jude will help you grow in your faith and become more like Jesus. Led by John Reese and Mack Wallace.

· Gospel of Matthew: Jesus the Jewish Messiah: A detailed examination of Matthew’s distinct theological emphases from Jesus’ genealogy to the Great Commission. Led by Jackson House and Clay Smith.

Old Testament:

· Genesis: In the Beginning: This class will look at the beginnings of life on this earth. Emphasis will be given to how science and scripture support each other, and on how creation reveals the might and majesty of God. This will be a great class for those interested in deep, challenging Bible study. Led by Gil Foster and Chris Wright.

Religious Questions:

· Counter Culture: The lines have been drawn. Everywhere we look, culture is moving away from universal truth to popular opinion. As the dizzying pace of change overwhelms us, Christians are asking: How are we supposed to respond to all of this? This study will put forth an unapologetic yet winsome strategy to follow Christ into the cultural battlefield. Led by Chuck Monan and Dan Barrington.

Christian Living:

· Hollywood Meets Sunday: Entertainment plays an important part in our lives.  We spend our money on it. We invest time in it. We stand in line for it. We even architect rooms in our homes specifically for the purpose of being entertained.  Why have we spent so little time learning how to use it?  This study focuses on understanding how the $650 billion entertainment industry works, what drives content, and how to make good entertainment choices.  Join us as we explore film, television, radio, video games, publishing, cable vs. dish, Over-The-Top (streaming) services and much more. Led by Mark Hodges and Stuart Cash

· Twenty-somethings: Are you new to Little Rock for a first job or grad school?  Have you been here all along and find yourself looking for a place to be with Christians your age?  We invite you to come join us for this Sunday morning class as we seek to follow Jesus together! Led by Scott Karnes and Mark Rickett


· Women of God in a Secular World: This class features women who want to share in their experiences of life. Focus will be given on various women of the Bible and the lessons we can learn from them. This study is for women only, and will be a great opportunity for women to share with other women their struggles and what they have learned from them. Facilitated by Linda Smith.

The 2017 Learning Communities kicks off Sunday, January 8. These classes will continue through May. We pray you will choose a new class and become engaged in it and with those around you.


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