Whether you like it or not, the Christmas season is upon us!  Some dread this time of year while others look forward to it and agree with Andy Williams when he says, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” (now that song will be stuck in your head the rest of the day).  But no matter what side you find yourself on, we can all agree that during this time we often look to the needs of others before our own.  We recognize the many blessings that God has given to us and we look for ways to bless others. Whether it’s through the Thanksgiving food boxes or the Christmas toy store, we want to pass along the joy and happiness that we have.  Praise God!

Being in a position to share food and toys makes a huge difference and brings glory to God.  But if we were to be honest, we have a much bigger gift that needs to be shared.  A gift that many don’t even know they need – Jesus Christ!  It’s very important to bless others with toys for Christmas or food for the holidays, but what about the truth of eternal life?

As you’ve heard many times at Pleasant Valley, we strive to Connect, Grow, Serve, and Share.  We want to Connect with each other and have deep relationships that hold each other accountable.  We want to Grow in the knowledge of Scripture so we can live in God’s ways.  We look to Serve and make a difference in the lives of people in our community and throughout the world.  And with every chance we get, we are called to Share the good news of Jesus.  It is an eternal gift offered to everyone.

When we look at our commitment to Connect, Grow, Serve, and Share, we can see room for progress in every area.  However most Christians struggle with sharing, also known as, evangelism.  Why?  Because many are confused with what that looks like.  In order to share the good news do I have to stand in front of a large crowd and speak?  Do I have to go door to door knocking or stand on the side of the road with a mega phone and a sign?  What does it look like today to spread the good news?

Join us in 2017 as we spend time in prayer, discussions, and studies about how we can become more passionate and motivated in telling others about Jesus.  Giving food and gifts for the Holidays is a great thing and gives God much glory (Matthew 25).  But alongside these gifts, we have an even greater gift that needs to be given.  One that leads to eternal life!  Will we share it?

~Stuart Cash, Involvement Minister


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