I & II Timothy & Titus—Nick Hamilton/Alan Gable—E-1

The pastoral Epistles give us a beautiful blueprint on how to center our church on and around the gospel. As a church, we hold up the gospel life to the world. We live the gospel—a cross shaped life together—so that the world can see Jesus.

Women of the Bible—Facilitated by Linda Smith—E-2

This women’s only class focuses on women of Scripture in the Old and New Testament, who are young and old, good and bad, wealthy and poor, with authority and oppressed…and they all teach us valuable lessons applicable for today! Join us to hear their story and share your story with fellow Christian sisters.

Practical Lessons from Life—David Tamas, Dean Wright, Joel Anderson, Brady Preston—E-3

Based on the Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament (Job, Song of Solomon), we see where the priests and prophets deal with more than the religious side of life. Wise men and sages were concerned about  more than practical and philosophical matters. Our world desperately needs the wisdom these books impart.

Christian Living in Today’s World—Randy Hughes—E-4

Christians are to live ‘in’ the world, but not be ‘of’ the world. That poses some real challenges. What is the Christians role in politics, in business, in our community? How do we handle social media? What about our recreation? This class will explore our role as Christ’s representatives in a world increasingly hostile to his views.

Hebrews—Ricky Bittle and Toby Butler—Lecture Center

We are deluged in today’s world by advertisers’ claims of the superiority of their product. Such claims are nearly always dubious. Such is not the case with Jesus, who is superior to all other religious doctrines and systems. Come join us for a study of the letter to the Hebrews as it makes the case for the absolute supremacy and sufficient of Jesus Christ as the revealer and mediator of God’s grace.

Church Doctrine—David Chesser/Bob Walters—Auditorium

Do you know what you believe, but could use some help sharing your beliefs?  This study will equip you with a practical tool to answer frequently asked questions in a kind and simple way.

Things I Wish Jesus Never Said—Drew Custer/Eric Buckner— Singles Room

We love reading the parables, teachings and sermons of Jesus. Well…at least some of them. But sometimes we find ourselves picking and choosing which ones we want to swallow. Some teachings we are good with following, but others not so much. What do YOU wish Jesus never said? Truth is we all have areas we struggle to put the words of Jesus in action. Join us as we open our hearts to follow everything Jesus has asked and experience the incredible the blessings he has waiting for us.

Twentysomethings—Bill Oliver—Multi-purpose Room

Christ calls on his disciples to share their faith so others can know his saving grace. But most Christians are not confident enough of the other understandings of Biblical truths to do this. This class, designed for both single and married, serves as an entry and connection point to explore these truths to solidify their faith.

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