PV Communications Policy

We want to ensure that those attending PV and those who are outside of our church family know what God is doing through this church and how they can be a part of it. To be effective in this, we have written the following policies with the big picture in mind—distributing all information in a way that is consistent with the overall communication goals and strategies of PVCC, understanding that over-communicating in any area will cause a lack of engagement for all efforts.

Church-wide efforts and ministries directly aligned with the vision will take precedence in all cases. If you have any questions, please contact Courtney Hirscheider, PV director of communications.

Communications Policy

To ensure quality development and execution of strategies, all events and ministry promotions must be submitted two weeks prior to promotional launch dates. Fundraising efforts for non-profits will be held online only at this time. Any group wanting to raise money on campus must get formal approval from the admin shepherding team and the ministry staff at one of their scheduled meetings. Contact us for meeting dates.


This typically includes events/efforts targeting less than 100 people and involving less than ten advocates/volunteers within the church. Examples would be a few members who volunteer with existing nonprofits outside of PV and would like to recruit volunteers. We love to help grow our grassroots efforts and support your area of passion! We do this through the following methods as time and space allow. When space is tight, preference is given based on audience size and how closely the effort aligns with the vision set by the shepherds.

Fundraising requests by members for groups outside of PV-led ministries will not be granted at this time. As more in-person opportunities return, this will be revisited. If it is a nonprofit fundraiser, please feel free to post on the PV Chat Facebook group. If the request involves an event held at PV, that event can appear on the church calendar (bulletin, SNAP, website), provided a member is coordinating the event. 


These efforts involve a larger percentage of PV volunteers, are PV-founded and lead, or are open and able to take more than half the church. Examples of these events would include large educational programs/seminars, women’s and men’s ministry efforts, Boone Park and foster care ministry efforts, etc. For these groups, we utilize any of the above in addition to:


These are the events and outreach opportunities that involved the whole PV family. To help spread the word on these events, we utilize any of the mediums listed above plus:


In any policy, there is room for the occasional exception to the rule. Exceptions to the above are typically made for requests that tie directly into the reNEWall vision. Exceptions are also made on our social media accounts and website if the ministry information is of particular value and interest to those outside our church.

*If an event requires an RSVP, the promotion will run the three weeks before the cut-off, then remain on the calendar only.


An FAQ for all churches is “Why can’t ____ be announced on Sunday morning?” If you’ve wondered that, please review the below and let us know if you have questions.





For more specific, “what goes where details” contact us for the full family news policy.