As Arkansas begins reopening, your PV staff and shepherds have been working on our plans for getting back together. We miss being with this family and many of the ideas below, especially in phase 2, come from our longing to connect with each of you face to face. We cannot wait to greet you in person as soon as it is feasible to do so.

Our plan to gradually return through the phases below will help us maintain a worship experience that is both safe and edifying every step along the way. You will not notice a lot of hard dates. It is impossible to really know what will happen and what will change as people begin gathering again in all areas of our society. We will follow the plan below but will also adapt if guidelines change unexpectedly for better or for worse.

We have seen tremendous growth in how we’ve served our community and our church family, connected in new and sometimes deeper ways, and discipled each other through this time. We ask that you continue to make efforts to go deeper in your relationship with God and with others as we move through each of the phases below. 

PHASE 2 | Tiny Church

Tentatively the month of June

We will continue to utilize our online worship experience in June with the addition of launching new house church groups, called Tiny Churches, that can be geographically based OR formed from existing small groups (life groups, ministry teams, book clubs, Bible study groups, etc.)

The purpose of these groups would be to participate in communion together and invite neighbors and friends to join in a casual, devotional style worship. They may utilize the full, recorded Sunday morning worship if they choose, or would also have the option of receiving questions, communion prompts and song suggestions each week to the leaders via email.  At-risk members are strongly encouraged to stay home and join in a group electronically.

Read all about PV Tiny churches HERE!

PHASE 3 | Building Opens

Following a successful Phase 2 and monitoring government guidelines.

With critical evaluation and government guidelines in place, we work towards opening the building and potentially offer multi-services depending on size restrictions, etc. New and more effective live streaming will be a new tool in place and will be ongoing, so those who do not feel comfortable or are not able to return to the building can still participate at home. No classes or children’s worship would be offered. This would strictly be worship gatherings with families seated together. We will continue to strongly encourage our at-risk members to stay at home.

PHASE 4 | Larger Assembly

Following a successful Phase 3 and monitoring government guidelines.

With critical evaluation and government guidelines in place, we will continue offering multi-services that could be larger and potentially add classes or small group type experiences. None of this can really be identified until we understand the CDC and government guidelines. Children’s programming is yet to be determined.