Our members over 65 are being personally called and checked on by Jonathan, the PV shepherds, and others and we’ve been blessed to follow up on needs they’ve expressed.

More than anything though, these members offered to help others; to make phone calls, suggest Bible studies or advice to help with curbing anxiety, to let us know about friends who might need something, compliment the efforts being made to connect the church in this unusual time. Most are worshiping with us online and are doing well—staying put as much as possible.

The staff was SO encouraged by comments made by this wise, gracious and loving group that we just had to share some of the comments with you.

  • “I’m very appreciative of our elders moving church online and proud of PV for doing that. This is new for me, but I’ve seen stuff like this. Stay calm, wash your hands, we will get through this. This will make us better, not worse. Going through hard times refines people, helps us see what really matters and what really doesn’t. Don’t panic and be responsible.”
  • “I’ve been reading my Bible and praying more than I have for a while. Because I live alone, I’ve got more time than ever to just be with the Lord.”
  • “I am super appreciative for what PV is doing. We were able to watch the service online this past Sunday and were very grateful.”
  • “I’m a little concerned about what is going on, but I am encouraged by how this seems to be bringing out the best in our country. People really seem to be taking care of each other.”
  • “I was brought to tears learning that PV 20-year-olds were willing to do this.”
  • “My golden years sponsor family is calling and taking care of me. I was able to watch three church services on Sunday, and loved PV’s—especially hearing the group sing and have been praying for PV and for the church leadership.”
  • “I am so happy about what we are doing—the Lord is working isn’t He?! I feel good, I’m just 96!”
  • “I’d like to be sent a list of names to pray (she’s worked on our visitor cards since 1973 and keeps a prayer list that is a yard long!”