Life is better… TOGETHER.

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Being part of the church is far different from just “going to church.”

This fall, PV is launching several NEW, intergenerational, life groups with a common purpose to reach out and invite others to experience Christian community. These “family style” groups unite people with different experiences and perspectives to share life and reach out together.

Registration is open now through August 26 either online or in the lobby. Questions? Email lifegroups@pvcc.org for more information.

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Who? What? When? 

  • All new groups will be as multi-generational (family style) as possible – depending on how many families sign up in each geographical location
  • Ideally, all the new groups will meet in homes, but space in the building will be available as needed
  • All new groups will meet on a night other than Wednesday
  • Curriculum (available to new and existing groups) will include discussion questions based on the most recent sermon, prompts to share testimony, and encouragement for group members to invite their friends (either PV members who are not in a group or those not attending a church)

Including the Kids

The PV children’s ministry team is willing to provide training and resources to help any life group in need of assistance.

  • All new life groups who meet in homes, will be encouraged to include the children as much as possible. If the children are too young to participate in the discussion, all group members will be encouraged to take turns watching them in another area of the home. This new intergenerational model provides opportunities for both sides to connect and gain deeper relationships within our church body. Children are an important part of our church, and they can never have too many positive adult influences as they grow in the Lord.
  • For new and existing groups meeting in the building, there will be a kids co-op that will encourage interaction with all members and also provide a fun and safe space for the kids to gather while the adults meet. For more detailed information, visit pvcc.org/co-op. The format is as follows:
    • Begin at 5:15 with a kid-led, 30 min family devotional
    • At 5:45 adults will meet with their life group and kids will break up into age-based groups.
    • At 6:30 the co-op volunteers will bring children to their parents’ life group.
    • One member from each group will stay back with kids. All members of each group will be expected to participate in the child care rotation.
    • PV staff and deacons will facilitate co-op through Nov 18 then will phase out and life groups will be responsible to keep it going.

Support For Leaders

  • Group leaders will be given specific information regarding curriculum, how and when to birth new groups, how to best manage childcare, etc. Orientation (Sept. 9) will go through these details along with a follow up email.
  • PV elders and life group deacons, Alan Buchanan, Craig Vick, Jay Morgan and Josh Bittle, will continue to support all the groups. If your group has questions or needs assistance, email lifegroups@pvcc.org.