PV-Life-Groups-IconConnections that Matter.

Being part of the church is far different from just “going to church.”  In every case, people get more out of being part of a community than just going to an event.  PV’s Life Groups are focused on helping build that community.

Let’s face it.  We are blessed to have a large congregation of people…but it can be difficult to feel at home in a place with over a thousand members.  Life Groups are designed to connect people with smaller groups in ways that help them connect with people of like interests / ages / life experiences – and all centered around a common faith.

Need help finding a group?  Check out our Group Finder.  You will find groups of all ages meeting across the city on different days (usually Sunday evening or Wednesday evening).  You will even find groups flagged as “kid friendly” if you have small children and wish to connect with a group.

NOTE:  Most groups do not meet during the summer months, and a full listing of available groups will be listed in early September of each year.