PV Teens is all about discipling. We want to mimic Jesus’ discipling model in PV Teens by connecting each of our teens with a discipler (or mentor) who can lead them and teach them how to make disciples of their own. Our disciplers include many invested deacons and other adults of all ages within our church.

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Teens 3052The areas in which we want our disciples to grow are:

  1. Growing their faith through biblical knowledge, spiritual disciplines and being culturally relevant while doctrinally sound.
  2. Connecting with God through meaningful worship and other unique opportunities, such as retreats and mission trips, and connecting with others through the many activities provided for the purpose of deepening relationships within our church community.
  3. Serving others by denying self, prioritizing activities to free up time to serve, and being cognizant of the opportunities that God provides daily.
  4. Sharing the Gospel by identifying a sphere of influence and being intentional in those relationships to spread the Gospel.

We try to focus all of our activities around these four principles. On Sunday mornings, we focus on scriptural knowledge behind these principles. On Wednesday nights, we spend time in worship and scriptural study on discipleship as a whole. Our most important times for discipleship are Sunday evenings when our discipling groups meet with their mentors.

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