We are ecstatic to welcome Jonathan Storment, his wife Leslie, and their children, Eden (9), Samuel (7), Hannah (5), Joel (3) and Judah (1) to the PV family!

Jonathan Storment’s passion for spreading and living the Gospel has inspired us more and more each time we’ve spoken to him or heard him preach. He deeply desires to reach a world steadily losing interest in what they think Christianity is all about. Jonathan goes to great lengths to teach and inspire the local church because he loves it dearly and feels an intense urgency to serve it.

Jonathan has his eye on the church as a whole and also on individuals. From church members and staff to neighbors and complete strangers, Jonathan cares intently about encouraging everyone he comes in contact with to seek the abundant life found in Christ.

Jonathan’s methods and creativity resonate with non-believers and believers alike and he draws them all closer to Christ through the deep, scriptural application of his sermons. His congregation in Abilene was blessed to see 218 baptisms in 2017, mostly resulting from outside evangelism.

Jonathan is looking to the future of the church because of his deep desire to see it grow.  He wants to help us become a church that is evangelistic to its core, that strives for true racial reconciliation, and that creates a community so rooted in love that all generations learn together, serve together, and join together to reach this city in the name of Christ. 

We can’t wait for you to get to know Jonathan and his family as we begin working together as a church who looks out to our community, not to the “left” or “right.”


Listen to Jonathan

These are some of our favorites. More can be found at www.highlandchurch.org/media.

Sermon Style

Jonathan preaches as if your life depends on it. His excitement and urgency are authentic, and that makes it infectious. You want to listen. You want to get whatever he has. You want to tell other people about it.

  • Every sermon is rooted in the Word, whether topical or textual
  • Relevant to all ages and religious backgrounds, all races and socio-economic classes
  • Keen awareness of culture
  • Applies the Bible to everyday life
  • Blends the entire Bible – OT, NT, Gospels, Epistles, Acts, etc. – uses a wide range of passages well
  • Interesting, attention-grabbing, and humorous
  • Gives real-life examples from scripture and modern day to motivate
  • Lessons reference contemporary thinkers, actual events, real people, etc.


Watch Jonathan’s introduction below:


Watch the PV Family Meeting / Minister announcement from 5.13.18