We are ecstatic to welcome Jonathan Storment, his wife Leslie, and their five children to the PV family!

The Storments came to Little Rock from the Highland Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas. Together, we will be working to become the best local church for Little Rock that we can be. We hope you will join us as we seek to become deeply evangelistic, to strive for true racial reconciliation, and to create a community so rooted in love that all generations learn together, serve together, and join together to reach this city in the name of Christ. 

We believe that the church was created to serve her community and we can’t wait to get to know you and work with you in that mission. Join us any Sunday at 8:15, or sleep in and we’ll see you at 10:45! Find out more about our service times and our church here

Listen to Jonathan

These are some of our favorites. More can be found at www.highlandchurch.org/media.

Sermon Style

Jonathan preaches as if your life depends on it. His excitement and urgency are authentic, and that makes it infectious. You want to listen. You want to get whatever he has. You want to tell other people about it.

  • Every sermon is rooted in the Word, whether topical or textual
  • Relevant to all ages and religious backgrounds, all races and socio-economic classes
  • Keen awareness of culture
  • Applies the Bible to everyday life
  • Blends the entire Bible – OT, NT, Gospels, Epistles, Acts, etc. – uses a wide range of passages well
  • Interesting, attention-grabbing, and humorous
  • Gives real-life examples from scripture and modern day to motivate
  • Lessons reference contemporary thinkers, actual events, real people, etc.