“Sharing The Gospel Changes Lives”

A Conversation With Chi Ford

What are some of your first experiences of Jesus, church, and Christianity?

My first experiences of church and Christianity are those of growing up in rural Conway, Arkansas. My grandfather was a preacher, and he was one of the many influences that impacted my brothers and sisters and me as we grew up in that environment.

What drew you to Jesus and church?

Initially, what drew me to Jesus were those yearnings that many people experience around the age of 12. These were the yearnings of wanting to go to heaven and trying to do right in God’s sight, knowing that without Jesus, there is no hope for eternal life.

Who has been influential in your faith journey?

My parents have been influential in my faith walk, and especially my Grandmother Ollie.

Are there any events and scriptures that have had an impact on your walk with Jesus?

When I was a young girl, my grandmother Ollie taught Vacation Bible School (VBS) at her home in the summertime. She had us memorize Psalms 1, which has been a scripture that I’ve kept close to my heart over the years. There are many scriptures that I rely on in my faith walk, but because of her influence, Psalms 1 and Psalms 46 are some of my favorite chapters in the Bible.

Can you provide a word of hope/encouragement to those thinking about starting their faith journey, and a word to those who are hesitant about sharing their faith with others?

If there is anything that I could offer to share my faith journey with others, I would say choosing Christ is the best decision that any of us could ever make. While we study to increase and grow in our faith, just sharing the Gospel (good news of Jesus) is all that we have to do. Don’t wait until you think you know all that you need to know; just share with others about the goodness of Jesus in your life.