For directions to any classes you see here, check with our Welcome Desk in the lobby outside the auditorium.

March 8 – May 24 | 9:45 am

Topical Classes

  • Women’s Class | eWing-1 | “Bless These Lips” by Sharla Fritz, Facilitated by Amy Lee
    • How the things we say can get in the way of our relationships with God and with others.
  • On What Hangs Your Salvation | Bob McClanahan | Auditorium
    • Do you ever worry about your salvation? Do you wonder if you’ve done enough to make it into Heaven? We all know about grace, but do we fully understand what brings salvation? This class will explore the topic from both Old Testament and New Testament perspectives, in hopes of helping all of us to be confident in our salvation.
  • To Know Him Better | Multi-purpose room (FLC, under the eWing) | Scott Karnes
    • A class for the seeker of God, the broken, and those who were. In this class, we will be asking for God to form us into a cross-shaped community as we learn and practice the great spiritual disciplines of prayer, study and praise.
  • Making Disciples | Jim Wood | Room 223 (upstairs, Family Life Center)
    • We all have different talents and all play an important part in seeking and saving the lost. This class will help you find your role in sharing the gospel in this city.
  • Life Group Leadership Class | Multi-Purpose/Shower Room | Alan Buchanan & Daylan Moore
    • Those who are leading or are interested in leading a Life Group will

      talk through best practices for small groups regarding kids, guests, service opportunities, etc.

  • Breathtaking Life and Death Decisions | Dr. David Smith | Rm 219 (upstairs, Family Life Center)
    • Conversations about ethics, decisions, and dignity. Topics include abortion, infertility, genetic engineering, stem cell research, physician-assisted suicide, euthanasia, gender issues

Life Stage Classes

  • The T.A.P. | Jonathan Storment and Kyle Dingus
    • Room 001 (under the gym)
    • Twenties and professionals in all life situations
  • Young Families | Michael Keck and Mark Hodges
    • eWing-4
    • Families with school-age children.
  • Home Builders | Steve Burton, Jamie Fugitt
    • eWing-2
    • Families of teenagers
  • Among Friends | Gil Foster and others
    • eWing-3
    • Adults in their 40s and 50s
  • Empty Nesters | Jimmy Cone and Rick Northen
    • Riley’s Warriors Conference Center (off the gym)
    • Adults over 50