PV Vision 2021

Latest Update: 1.14.21

Staff and shepherds are still prayerfully and carefully watching the healthcare situation in Arkansas to plan the best time and best format to bring everyone together to launch our 10-year vision. A date will be announced soon. Work is also still moving forward behind the scenes to lay the groundwork and we cannot wait to share it all with you soon!

Latest Update: 11.12.20


We have all missed being together as a large church family and cannot express to you how excited the PV leadership is to share the vision with you. Unfortunately, after speaking with many members and keeping a close watch on the state’s healthcare situation, the shepherds have decided not to gather in such a large group on December 6th for Vision Sunday. We will have our regular, smaller services with the live stream in the eWing and save the big vision reveal for a time when we can all be together. We hope to plan this event for early 2021 but will not set a date until we have had a few more weeks to monitor how the state is handling the COVID pandemic during this holiday season. 

PV is a church for all generations and a church for this city. We feel that it is vital that we ALL to be able to come, feel safe, and be ready to hit the ground running to implement the dreams and ideas God has put on our hearts.

That being said, this vision announcement is just the beginning of the next decade at PV. It was in the works before March of last year and God willing, will be in full force when face masks and social distancing are behind us. Initial work towards the strategies and goals we will share with you on Vision Sunday have already begun and will continue to be worked on until we get to share them with you on Vision Sunday.

PV leadership is positioning our church to be who God calls us to be for THIS time and place – which includes a global pandemic – and we need your help! The vision of any church doesn’t rise or fall with the staff or shepherds. The vision of any church rises or falls with the family of God sacrificing their time and resources to be a part of something extraordinary.

We ask that you spend regular time in prayer so that the principles of reaching this city and world as a true colony of heaven will take off in our hearts and our community. Also, be looking for announcements in the coming weeks for new ways to engage with PV and your neighbors and grow in your walk with Christ.

Grace and Peace,

PV Shepherds and Staff

WHAT IS A VISION ANYWAY? The PV vision is the BIG picture of where God is taking PV over the NEXT 10 YEARS. It cannot be summed up in a sentence or two and cannot be achieved without God. It encompasses the dreams for our church, our community and the world that God has put on our hearts. In short, our vision defines who we want to be and how we get there. Make plans now to be with us on December 6th at 10 am at Robinson Performance Hall!

WHAT IS THE PROCESS? The beginning of this process actually started with PV members. During the  preaching minister search, a series of focus groups asked important questions like “Who are we as a church?” and “Who is God calling us to be?.” The word “more” was a theme throughout all the comments and discussion both in relation to our personal walks and our level of impact in the Kingdom. That desire for a renewed and stronger mission was echoed by Jonathan when he interviewed with the shepherds. His heart for evangelism, racial reconciliation and generational generosity struck an important chord with what God had placed on their hearts for PV.

During Jonathan’s first year on staff, he held open office hours listening to PV members and also spent time, along with other staff and shepherds, speaking to leaders in our city. They then began looking to see where our collective gifts and passion as a church family met the specific needs of our communities.

During the 2019 summer series, several speakers who represented churches doing well in the area of evangelism were invited to speak to the shepherds and ministry team. We were able to see first-hand, the renewal God had brought to their churches and communities. Following this series, The Unstuck Group came to help us see our church through the eyes of the unchurched and ask tough questions about our processes and impact.

All of this, plus MANY hours spent in prayer and meeting together has culminated in this big picture plan. Even though our “big reveal” has been postponed, we are still working toward the strategies we will share with you in 2021 and ask that you spend this time in prayer that the principles of reaching this city and world as a true colony of heaven will take off in our hearts and community.