The vision of PV does not rise and fall with paid staff or shepherds. Each member is vital to making a real impact in our community and we are so excited to partner in the gospel with you!

As disciples, we are always encouraged to serve in personal ways that God puts on our hearts. This process is in no way meant to stifle the mission on your heart or the ministry you may already be serving in. Your ministry will join other vision initiatives that have gone through this same process so that we can all begin fresh from a place of listening to God’s will, utilizing time-tested methods of ministry development, and working together to support our churchwide vision and each other.


Complete the form below to express your interest and share the “WHY” for your ministry as it relates to the reNEWall vision. The vision team will review your information so they can make sure there is no overlap with an existing ministry and the team will set up a time to meet and pray with you as you begin this new process.

Ministry/Initiative Team Launch

All ministry leaders will be equipped and supported by the vision team.