Everyone has questions. Everyone. And if you have some questions you’d like to ask God, you’re in good company. Friends, all of us have questions. About God, Jesus, the church, the world, how we’re supposed to live, what happens when we die...and a lot of other things. Church has to be a place where you can ask any question you have. Over the course of the year of 2016, we will answer the question “Why?” some 50 times. A number of people at PV have given me questions they want to see addressed. We will do our best to do just that. I invite you to join us on this journey as we seek to learn more about God... to know God better, and to become the people he created us to be.


Why Is Baptism Essential?

Jan 31, 2016 Chuck Monan Acts 2:36-41

Why Do We Pray if God Knows Everything?

Jan 24, 2016 Chuck Monan Luke 18:1-8

Why Is There So Much Hatred In The World?

Jan 17, 2016 Chuck Monan

Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

Jan 10, 2016 Chuck Monan Psalm 8:1-9


Jan 3, 2016 Chuck Monan